Rotacraft Cleaning Nozzle and Fittings


Rota Flush Nozzle (Part No. SACROTAFLUSH)

The original Rotaflush rotary rinse nozzle is intended for tank capacities of 300 litres or more.

Top mounted Rotaflush nozzles allow multiple rinses using a fraction of the tank volume. On spraying equipment the rinse volume is typically 10% of tank capacity per rinse, depending on the size and extent of boom plumbing. Used in conjunction with a clean water tank this gives operators a quick and effective method of rinsing out in the field.

     *  Less risk of pollution

     *  No internal access required for rinsing

     *  Encourages timely and thorough cleaning out

     *  Minimum downtime

                                             SAC also offer the Miniflush nozzle Click here to find out more