Hardi Nozzles


Hardi Standard Flat Fan Nozzles F-110

Recommended for all types of pesticide application where optimum coverage is demanded.


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Hardi LowDrift Nozzle

LowDrift nozzles are recommended when optimum spraying conditions cannot be achieved (risk of drift) and spraying cannot be postponed.


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Other Hardi Nozzles




We have listed below other types of nozzles available from Hardi as we only carry a small stock of these nozzles at any one time.

Please Call us on 01984 633005 to order any of the following Nozzles.


MINIDRIFT Duo Nozzles - At low pressure reduces drift to a minimum.

INJET Nozzles - Recommended for most pesticide applications where reduced risk of drift is demanded.

Quintastream Nozzles - Five streams of liquid are distributed at different angles and flows by each of the nozzles.

F -80 - Flat Fan Nozzle - This nozzle has an 80 degree spray angle. On boom sizes from 4 to 36m the boom height is often higher than 50cm above the target.

Duocap - Fitted with two Flat Fan or LowDrift nozzles Hardi Duocap will give fine to medium spray, suitable for fungicide spraying.

Foam Nozzle - Hardi foam nozzles are excellent for the application of liquid fertilizers.